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Bolt Motorcycles x Sailor Jerry

By ANDREW ALMOND – Founder of BOLT London


Bolt is a new type of motorcycle store because traditional shops held little interest to me.   When I started Bolt I wanted to create a place where you could roll up on a bike, lounge out and meet up with others. If you create a social scene around something you are passionate about then everything else will fall into place. 


20141211 BoltLaunchParty 169 ByFabioAffuso


Bolt brings together motorcycles, art and apparel, with everything coming from people who ride themselves.  Building from the ground up means that authenticity, craftsmanship and fresh ideas are at the center of everything we do. Anything but mediocracy; a kick back to the norm; that’s what riding a motorcycle is about; its an outsider culture and its an escape; its not for everyone. 

As a motorcycle showroom, Bolt stocks bespoke custom rides from professional builders as well as it’s own creations.  Each bike is chosen for its design and build, they are all unique and always beautiful.  From hand crafted heavily sculptured masterpieces to rejuvenated classics, bikes range in price but on a whole they are kept affordable.   I don’t want to sell motorcycles that sit in garages, I want to get more people on the road, and I want people to get involved in customizing their bikes.  A bike should reflect the rider not their wallet.   Motorcycles are a great leveler, you can do a lot with a little if you are creative, and a bike built from necessity, with heart and soul will always triumph.  I like the imperfections, a perfectly rusted patina, an engine that’s grunts rather then purrs, you can’t put a price on spirit and neither can you fake it.  


20141211 BoltLaunchParty 012 ByFabioAffuso


On the 11th of December Bolt moved to take on a new premises and threw a party to celebrate.   The legendary Barrie K sharp came down and spun some records whilst Sailor Jerry’s kept the rum flowing late into the night.   If we have one thing down, its cutting loose and throwing a good party.   At the end of the day it’s the reckless spirit of riding a motorcycle, hanging out with friends, and doing something different that fuels our fire.  


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