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Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins' tattoo shop in Hawaii

Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins Quotes

Any of Jerry's friends could tell you that he was a prolific letter writer. Collins used the old pen and paper to stay in touch with people far and wide, and to share techniques and designs with fellow tattoo artists.

"In this business, the minute you get to thinking you're top dog, you quit trying and are on the way out fast."

"I am my own worst competitor and also my own most severe critic and it's a hell of a spot to be in!"

"People are only supposed to believe the legends not understand them."

"I'm always willing to listen to somebody else's ideas…because we can always learn more."

"Sometimes I wonder how I ever got mixed up in all this in the first place."

"If a design is good enough, it will find its own buyer. We don't have to sell it."

"There are millions of skins, but only one Hori Smoku"

"You must understand the feeling of originating as opposed to imitating."

"I'm not a bit conceited, though I have every right to be!"

"Bold simplicity is the keynote to good design."

"I don't have a single design that can't be improved on; every so often I get the urge to "renew" to keep ahead of the tattoo masters!"

"I haven't done my best yet…only my best so far."

"If you like my style of work, fine, come to me, but if you want to make me over into your kind of stylist, forget it!"

"I have been studying Japanese comic books-some of these guys can really portray motion and action. I think we can learn a lot from them."

"I was the first one to start using purple, white, yellow and blue-now they are all trying to do it. Color is here to stay. Good color that is!"