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By Ashley Marsh

Sailor Jerry Brand Ambassador, USA

 Hello from the finish line of Viva Las Vegas 19, the annual 4-days of rockabilly music, cars and the best parties around. Sailor Jerry’s been involved with Viva for a long time, so for us, it’s even more than that: It’s a kind of combination tribe reunion and break from the usual grind. And it almost goes without saying that I loved every second of it and I've already got my eye on next year! But before I get too carried away here, I just wanted to share some highlights from this year’s events, and also say a big thanks to the Viva crew!


Oh, you know, just a sunny day with a sea of people dressed to the 9’s drinking SJ Mai Tai’s and dancing by the pool.




IMG 4693

We owned the car show. With Norman’s Garage, people playing bags, the SJ Impala, SJ truck, and SJ Knucklehead parked on each side and inside, making buttons and Buck Wild painting. Great fun with people showing up in old SJ clothing, showing of Norman flash tattoos. Our set up was so cool, someone managed to steal an oil drum! The Biltwell Gringo helmets were a HUGE hit, too. As for me, I managed to get out of jeans and go full hair and make up for the day. Probably had 300 people take photos of me and with me. 


20160416 105814

You walk in, and instantly forget you are in a casino bowling alley. The smell of A&D ointment and sound of 10 artists machines. Flash and posters all over with people getting their VLV19 memories. An artist even tattooed a little SJ star on both of our promo girls.


10am in a cold, smoky bowling alley, lined with vintage clothing vendors, pin up models and bitchin bowling shirts. SJ and cans of Bud all over. We gave away oil cans, towels, custom pins and fun shit to people who got strikes during the game. All in all, not bad for a weekend's work!

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