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This Father’s Day, we thought we’d do something different: We asked fans across the globe to tell us their stories of the ink that spans generations in their families. Dad had biker ink? Gramps got tattooed overseas? Those make great stories, and what better way to keep those stories alive than getting a tribute tattoo to match in honor of those loved ones. Below are a few of our favorite takes on the old saying “Like father (or pops), like son (or daughter).” Happy Father’s Day!

Via Fan @little_miss_bonesx on Insta:

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“The bottom is the only tattoo my Pop Pop ever got. It is over 60 years old. The top is mine to match my Pop Pop. He is one of the greatest men I have ever known. And the love I have for him is unbelievable. Such a simple tattoo holds so much meaning to me. I love you Pop Pop. Thank you for this @teddybearink.”

Via @allfrominside on Insta:

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“My dad and I. 'Positive - Attitude'. It's important to portray a positive attitude so that everything and everyone around you is positive and happy. Which will also bring inner peace. We're only here for a short time, so show love for one another and bring positivity into your life and to others by adjusting your attitude.”

Via @rst.enterprises on Insta:

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“My grandfather and I have matching sparrows on our chests. He got his in Korea serving our country, I got mine in his honor on his birthday.”

Via Fan Brooke P on Facebook:

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“I was so shy when I was younger, and my Pa is such a people person. He used to come up to the elementary school during lunch and make friends with the kids so that I had friends to sit with at lunchtime. He's offered the same helping hand every step of the way into adulthood and beyond. Now I sport a matching ‘cattoo’ that he got while he was the Navy.”

Via Geoffrey K on Facebook:

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“Albeit slightly different (both my grandparents' names instead of just my grandmother). I got my tattoo done a month or so after their 65th wedding anniversary.”

Via Hank W. on Facebook:

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“Dad on the left, mine on the right. Got the revision with color and flowers!!! And I love it!”

Via Tattoo Artist Davey Rips:

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“Here's a tattoo I made a year ago, a replica of her father’s tattoo he got late in WWII. In the photo of his tattoo he is 90yrs old, and the tattoo is 70yrs old. Luckily I had an exact copy of the original stencil in my collection. What a pleasure I had trying to mimic such strong tattooing from that long ago. Enjoy!”


Header imagery via @vintage_tattoos, @borntohang, and @mariandalarson_atc.