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Glasgow band Spinning Coin at Jerry's Open House gig, Finnieston

Jerry's Open House Warming in Glasgow!

We are unlocking the doors to Jerry’s Open House; an all-in month-long pop-up in Glasgow from 15th February to 15th March.

Set in an old warehouse on Houldsworth Street in Finneston, this co-created space is inspired by the legendary tattoo artist Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins and will be open to local Glaswegian creatives and students alike.

There’s something for everyone at Jerry’s place with a month-long calendar of kickass events; get up close and intimate with Frank Carter at his acoustic gig, compete to have your work displayed on the walls and enjoy some of the finest cocktails in town.

Schedule for Jerry's Open House event in Glasgow

Get the ‘all in’ Jerry’s Open House experience for just £5 a pop for each event, which includes one of Sailor Jerry’s bold as hell cocktails and entry to the house. Find out more details here: www.facebook.com/Sailor-Jerry  

Or buy tickets here.

Shout out to the bands from our House Warming party Spinning Coin and Honeyblood!