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My Work Speaks for Itself Design Contest: Stacy Giorno

Talk about a perfect partnership. ‘My Work Speaks for Itself’ design winner Stacy Giorno works for Uke’s Harley-Davidson in Kenosha, WI as a marketing associate.

She’s part of a Harley-riding family, so she’s no stranger to the motorcycle icon’s connection to Sailor Jerry. She noticed the similarities between the two iconic American brands and set out to design a bike to reflect that. “I set out and created a design that I thought best embodied both brands … I wanted the design to have that old school, classic, stand the test of time vibe, something that would never go out of style.“

And how does Stacy’s work speak for itself? “By being true to myself, never being afraid to take my own path, and enjoying the ride.” Those words sound like they could’ve come straight from Norman himself!

Follow Stacy Giorno on Instagram: @dasiyday007

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