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How I Spend My Sundays

By ARRON THOMAS, Canadian Brand Ambassador Sailor Jerry

Sundays... rain or shine... are reserved for me, my bike, and the road with close friends. The "Sunday Family" I ride with all come from different walks and stages of life, but the one thing we have in common is a love of, and respect for, the road. We don’t just ride together; we vacation together, spend holidays together, and look out for each other like family.

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Family isn’t just about the blood you share, but the bonds you make that last a lifetime. Every Sunday, we get together, meet up, pick a direction, and hit the road together. We all come together and abandon technology and the outside world, and just. Live. In. That. Moment. On the winding roads we try to forget, if only for a Sunday, our jobs, our worries, our commitments, and take this time just for us.  It's an interesting thing to do when so many of us are so connected... maybe even too connected. We catch up in person, get lost and find our way back, and share a few laughs, and really connect on a human level... it's my therapy, my salvation, and my way of life. I have always believed that "All roads lead to Freedom", so break free from your Monday to Friday shackles, unplug, and find your freedom.

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