Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins Timeline

Born January 14th in Reno, Nevada

Given the nickname 'Jerry' after his father notices a similar disposition between the young troublemaker & the family's cantankerous mule. The 'Sailor' was added later when he joined the Navy

Travels across America hopping freight trains & hand poking tattoos on fellow travellers

Meets Tatts Thomas who teaches him to use the tattoo machine

Enlists in the US Navy & travels to China & Japan starting a lifelong appreciation of their art

After a stint in the Navy, moves to Hawaii & starts working as a tattoo artist

Sets up his own tattoo parlor in notorious Hotel St. district of Honolulu

Despite post-WWII ill will against Japan, corresponds with Japanese tattoo masters to learn more about Asian style in order to perfect his technique

To protest what he sees as government's meddling in his affairs, he shuts down his shop

Reopens his shop at 1033 Smith Street. Artists pilgrimage from all over to work with him

A true renaissance man, he starts a radio show & captains a schooner giving tours of the islands

Invites future tattoo legends Ed Hardy, Mike Malone & Kazuo Oguri to apprentice with him

Suffers heart attack & passes away, leaving his shop & art to protégés Ed Hardy & Mike Malone-if it doesn't end up in their hands, he leaves instructions to burn everything