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Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins Timeline

Sailor Jerry tattooing a customer's back

Born January 14th in Reno, Nevada

Nautical tattoo flash by Sailor Jerry
Sailor Jerry name tattoo flash - hearts and swallows

Travels across America hopping freight trains & hand poking tattoos on fellow travellers

Meets Tatts Thomas who teaches him to use the tattoo machine

Sailors in Hawaii

Enlists in the US Navy & travels to China & Japan starting a lifelong appreciation of their art

Sailor Jerry palm tree tattoo

After a stint in the Navy, moves to Hawaii & starts working as a tattoo artist

A flyer for Sailor Jerry's tattoo parlor in Honolulu

Sets up his own tattoo parlor in notorious Hotel St. district of Honolulu

Sailor Jerry clipper ship nautical tattoo

A true renaissance man, he starts a radio show & captains a schooner giving tours of the islands

Sailor Jerry 'A Sailor's Grave' lifesaver tattoo

Suffers heart attack & passes away, leaving his shop & art to protégés Ed Hardy & Mike Malone-if it doesn't end up in their hands, he leaves instructions to burn everything

Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins Timeline