BBQ Master: Danny Cheetham

By Daylen D on 8/14/2014


We all see summer and BBQ going hand-in-hand. And it goes with out saying that we've been throwing some damn good Sailor Jerry BBQ's for years. This summer, we've noticed a major boom. From the best-selling book on Amazon last month being a British BBQ book by DJ BBQ to meat-heavy food festivals popping up across the country like Grillstock and Meatopia, the nation has gone buck-wild for BBQ.  

This is why we're stoked to be partnering with Danny Cheetham, chef and owner of East London’s Psychic Burger and White Rabbit, for a handful of awesome summer events. We worked together to create a series of mouth-watering BBQ recipes that complimented our bold spiced rum.

Being covered in tattoos himself, Danny found heaps of inspiration in Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins’ original flash artwork which really got his creative cogs going - then he got his chef apron on and got in the kitchen. Our collaboration was kick ass, and out of it we birthed a variety of dishes from the Sailor Jerry Rib ‘O Beef (beef ribs flambéed in Sailor Jerry rum) to the Ring Of Fire (chargrilled sweet and spicy pineapple drizzled with Sailor Jerry caramel sauce).


If you didn’t already know, this month is National Grilling month, so make the most of what’s left and try your hand at making some of our recipes in the comfort of your own home. You never know, your mates just might be impressed next time you fire up that oil drum in your backyard. 

If you’re too scared to get elbow deep in the heat of the flames, then pop over to Meatopia on 6th and 7th September. Meatopia is a two day festival held at Tobacco Dock, Wapping featuring meat eating, drinking, live bands and butchery demos. Over 20 chefs each serve guests bespoke tasting dishes cooked fresh, over fire in return for Meatbucks. Sailor Jerry will be there, firing up our BBQ and serving up a meat lovers feastThe team will be cooking up an unforgettable storm alongside spiced rum cocktails to get your fuel up for the stellar line up – are you stoked yet? 









1. Research is Key
Whether you’re thinking of cooking up a simple sausage , beer-infused chicken breast or a 24-hour slow cooked hearty piece of pork shoulder, make sure  to do your research! 

Don’t just go on a Google hunt and pick the first recipe you see. Make sure you compare recipes and get a sense of what the general process is. This way you can make sure your recipes are adjusted  depending on your taste buds Get down your local bookstore and geek out!

2. Long and Slow Barbecuing
As Brits, we are used to using the traditional BBQ mechanic to cook a burger or a juicy bit of chicken These are ingredients  that cook fairly quickly and we simply enjoy them with a flame grilled lick of flavour. 

What you didn’t know is that there is a whole other realm of barbecuing that is out there to explore. A simple trick is cooking your meat at a very low temperature for  a longer duration of time, sometimes even days.  The flavour that is achieved through this method is out of this world and is well worth the patience and effort.

Look into using cuts like beef brisket, pork shoulder (with the bone kept in) and pork ribs for an authentic American BBQ experience.

3. The More Smoke the Better
Smoke equals flavour. It’s that simple. The longer your meat is engulfed in smoke throughout the smoking process, the better it’s going to taste. 

Using different types of wood and charcoal can really give your meat that kick it deserves. Experiment with oak, apple and cherry wood chips for less traditional BBQ flavours

4. Be Adventurous, it's Only a BBQ
Get stuck in! At the end of the day, you are cooking with a technique that is as old as the time that man learnt how to start a fire. 

If a cave man can pull it off then you definitely can. No one is going to complain about a bit of charcoal reminisce on their brisket.  In fact, this is how the term ‘burnt ends’ came about which is coined as a delicacy in the world of barbecuing.

5. Think Fresh not Fat
We’ve talked about the all American classic BBQ with ingredients like ribs, pulled pork and brisket. Traditionally, these ingredients are accompanied by sugar laden BBQ sauces, ketchups and hot sauce. But this doesn’t have to be the case. 

Barbecuing over charcoal is a technique used by a tremendous amount of cultures all over the world. Think Turkish Shish kebabs, Moroccan slow cooked lamb, Indian Tandoori dishes and you’ll start to get a better picture.

Get creative and introduce these into your barbecuing process. Accompanied by a jeweled rice salad or some fresh Quinoa, you’ve quickly turned your carby BBQ meal into an exceptionally tasty and healthy feast.

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Call For Original Sailor Jerry Ink

By Daylen D on 5/7/2013


We are looking for a rare breed of individuals – those walking the earth with tattoos inked by Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins himself. These men and women represent living history, which is why we want to photograph their tattoos and interview them about their session with Jerry. We bet they have damn good stories to tell, including their impressions of the remarkable time and place that was Hotel Street, Honolulu back in the day.  

The pictures and interviews will be part of an exhibition we're creating to capture, share, and archive the work of ‘The Man’ in its purest form. We hope to learn as much as we can about the real Norman Collins and his artistic legacy. 

If you or someone you know is sporting original Sailor Jerry ink, please email us at 

Let us know who has the ink and what the design is. Attach a photo if possible and include any story or details to go along with it. Be sure to provide contact info so we can be in touch. Thanks for helping us document tattoo history.   

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40 Facts to Celebrate 40 Years of a Legend

By Daylen D on 5/2/2013



This year marks a special milestone since the passing of our namesake Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins. It's been 40 years since his death on June 12th 1973 in Honolulu, Hawaii, his longtime home. This made us think long and hard about his enduring legacy and how to properly commemorate a groundbreaking artist and memorable character. 

Of course Norman is most famous in the tattoo community for his accomplishments in the American Traditional style. But what else made him such an important cultural icon? We realized there's much more to the man than you probably know. To honor his legacy, we will be posting a fact on our Facebook and Twitter pages about Norman every day for the 40 days leading up to the anniversary of his death. 

Take notes! The bounty of information will come into play on June 12th when we launch a worldwide 40 Facts Quiz where you can take a shot at recalling the details. The top-scoring fans will have a chance to win gift certificates to the Sailor Jerry store. You may think you know everything about Norman, but our questions may surprise you. Sailor Jerry is much more than a rum and we're here to school you.






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Hold Fast: Oliver Peck

By Headland Multimedia on 1/2/2013

Oliver Peck aka "Ducky" needs little introduction ever since he joined the judging panel on the hit Spike TV tattoo competition Ink Master, but this guy's been at it for awhile. Based at Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas TX, a shop he founded with Dean Williams, Oliver has been laying in color since he was 19 years old. His reputation and expertise in traditional tattooing make us damn proud to collaborate with him to give out free ink at our events like SXSW and Norman Collins' birthday. He even holds the Guinness World Record for most tattoos done in 24 hours with 415 pieces of his favorite subject, the number 13. The precision with which he delivers old-school tattoos is unmatched and his penchant for the American style made famous by our namesake Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins pretty much sealed the deal on our friendship with an artist destined to be a legend.



Elm Street Tattoo 




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Hold Fast: Jesse Amoroso

By Headland Multimedia on 12/20/2012


You may recognize Jesse from his appearances on the History Channel's hit show Pawn Stars as the local expert who appraises rare stringed & fretted instruments. However, his primary job is running his music shop Cowtown Guitars, reputed as boasting one of the largest collections of vintage guitars in the country. Jesse examines every detail of his guitars down to the tiniest screw that may have been altered throughout the instrument's life which has earned him a reputation with serious collectors. While he's developed the chops to be an expert in his field, he also understands the hunger a young musician experiences when they see the incredibly rare vintage gear on display at the shop. What we love most about Jesse is that he never cuts corners. He spends the extra buck on products that are made in America the old-school way because these are the best of their kind. This pure passion for music and precision drives him to run one of the best damn guitar shops in the world.

Jesse's shop Cowtown Guitars




Jesse's band Crazy Chief...



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