Sailor Jerry Orange Marmalade

By Daylen D on 2/28/2014



Sailor Jerry Orange Marmalade

Don’t speak metric? This online converter is damn simple:

1kg seville oranges
2 limes
1.5 kg golden granulated sugar
500g light muscovado sugar
1/2 tsp black treacle
75ml Sailor Jerry spiced rum
* if necessary substitute brown for muscovado and blackstrap molasses for treacle.  

Muslin cloth
Large pan 


Halve all of the oranges and squeeze their juice into the pan through a sieve lined with muslin. Make sure all pith comes away from the skin and ends up in the muslin. Set the orange skins aside. Squeeze the juice from the lime and discard the skin.

Pull up the sides of the muslin to form a bag of the pith and pips. Tie closed with a piece of string and place in the pan with juice. Add 2.5 litres of water.

Shred the reserved orange skins as thickly as you like and add to pan. Bring to boil on stove then simmer for 1-2 hours until the skin is soft and liquid reduced by half and you have about 1.25 litres. Leave to cool overnight.

The next day, place a couple of plates in the fridge or freezer. Fish out the muslin bag and wring out all the juice. You’ll probably start to get a gel-like substance from the bag as well. This is what you want! Reheat the juice, adding both the sugars and treacle and stir until it has dissolved. Bring the marmalade to a rolling boil for 15 minutes stirring occasionally to prevent sticking.

Take one of your cold plates and drip a little of the marmalade onto it. Let sit for a moment then try pushing. If it wrinkles a little then it's done. If not continue to boil for another five minutes and try again until it wrinkles. Once it does, remove from the heat, add the Sailor Jerry and stir (maybe take a swig if nobody’s looking).

Cool for half hour then ladle into sterilized jars and seal. You’ll get between 5 and 7 jars. They're good to go fresh but get much tastier after a few months. Spread on anything, just try not to get a buzz off your crumpets.

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Sailor Jerry Single Drink Kit

By Daylen D on 2/11/2014


Everyone's got friends flying solo on Valentine's day. And we refuse to let a a silly greeting card holiday become the loneliest day of the year for these fierce, independent souls! Our take is that singles deserve to be loved on February 14th as much as anyone. So here's the perfect gift for them. All the necessary ingredients to mix up a single (or perhaps three) Sailor Jerry Old Fashioned cocktails to keep them company this Friday night. And come to think of it, your boyfriend or girlfriend wouldn't shake a finger at this gift either. No matter how you decide to spin it, drink responsibly folks.


Wire basket (you can find them at most craft stores or hunt for one at the thrift store. This one was only $2!)
Small piece of cardboard
Shredded tissue paper or wrapping paper
3-4 mini bottles (50ml bottles) of Sailor Jerry Rum
1 glass tumbler (.99 cents at the thrift store)
1 small jar of maraschino cherries
1 bottle of Angostura bitters
1 navel orange
3-4 sugar cubes (you can just wrap them up in a small cellophane wrapper 



Since the weight of these items will crunch down the tissue paper, you want to start by creating a false bottom. (1. & 2.) Cut your piece of cardboard to fit the width of the basket and then bend to fit in. (3. & 4.) Stuff the shredded tissue paper around the edges and top to disguise the cardboard.

Add your Old Fashioned fixings and you’re done!

Find the recipe for a Sailor Jerry Old Fashioned via Tattooed Martha here!

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The Flash Collection Leather Jacket Giveaway

By Daylen D on 10/29/2013


Only 50 of these bad boys have been made. Call us crazy, but we're giving one away. Follow @SailorJerry on Instagram and post a pic of your old leather jacket tagged #PSJacket before midnight (EST) on November 11th for a chance to win one of The Flash Collection Leather Jackets. A winner will be chosen on November 12th and announced soon after.

The Limited-as-Hell Edition Leather Jacket for the Flash Collection is designed around the 391 “Lightning” jacket by Lewis Leathers. Paul worked with the folks at Lewis (who've been making leather jackets in London for 121 years) to create a jacket that feels likes it's already lived a hell of a lifetime. The front and sleeve zip panels are faded, as if they’ve been sun-bleached from years of riding. The jacket's soft sheep leather has been hand-distressed under Paul's direction, making each one a bit different. And he came up with his own stash of vintage-based metal badges and stowed them in the pockets, so you can customize your own jacket however you want. The back of the jacket features Paul's "Jack to a King" artwork– his interpretation of Norman Collins’ skull and crossbones flash art from the 1950s.

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Sailor Jerry Presents: UV Protection

By Daylen D on 7/18/2013


One unsuspecting evening, we stumbled into a Canadian bar, where we ran into Spy and really hit it off. Not long after 92 one-of-a-kind shades were born into this world. These are custom Sailor Jerry versions of the Bowery model, complete with anchor detailing and glossy hula girls on the arms.  

Now that we've gotten you all excited you're probable wondering what're we gonna do with them. Give 'em away, of course! We're taking this show on the road, setting up events across Canada where you'll have a chance to snag these limited edition shades. So keep an ear to the ground and an eye right here to see if we'll be heading your direction. These babies will never be made again (that's right, ever!) so don't miss the chance to get a pair FREE. Damn, we really want you to win these! 


 VANCOUVER @ The Factory, July 22nd

VANCOUVER @ The Whip, July 23rd 

WINNIPEG @ Rudy's Eat & Drink, July 31st   


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Film Review: Bending Steel

By Daylen D on 7/1/2013

Chris Schoeck holds a steel bar on the Coney Island boardwalk 

We first heard about the documentary Bending Steel when it made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival back in April. Hell, we even fueled the film's premier after-party with boatloads of rum (see the pics HERE). The celebrating of the film's successful launch was nothing short of spectacle - men of all shapes and sizes took stage, twisting horseshoes, bending rods, and contorting various cuts of metal using their bare hands. But we knew the film was much more than a showcase of sideshow acts, and its about time we finally saw that for ourselves.

The traveling carnival sideshow acts of yesteryear were filled with personalities showcasing human oddities, daredevil stunts, or other unusual curiosities.Many of the first fully tattooed men and women made a name for themselves by showing off their inked skin in these attractions, being deemed "made freaks" by the audience.And then there was the strongman, using brute strength to dazzle audiences by bending metal objects with their bare hands.Unfortunately, once the 20th century brought on competitive weightlifting and other feats of strength, it seemed that the plight of the strongman was all but forgotten. However in recent years, interest in the sport has skyrocketed, sparking a grassroots movement resulting in the formation of local clubs a cross the country.

On that note let us say right here that while director Dave Carroll and producer Ryan Scafuro's Bending Steel takes a look into the life of modern-day strongmen, it focuses much more on the personal journey of Chris Schoeck from his modest practice space in a basement, to taking center stage. This goes beyond your typical coming-of-age story and nixes the corny montages as his strength - and confidence - increase. It's completely raw, and that's why we dig it.

Schoeck is pretty unassuming at 150 lbs, much the opposite of the muscle-clad person you'd expect as a strongman. And then there's the fact that he's struggled to build human relationships his whole life, battling with extreme introversion and not getting the parental support he needed. Nevertheless he finds solace in friend and trainer Chris "Hairculese" Rider, who welcomes him into the strongman community and helps him find his presence. He starts to rub elbows with strongman legends like  Slim "the Hammer Man" Farman, who carries on the vaudeville legacy of Joe "The Mighty Atom" Greenstein. 

The film culminates in Schoeck's entree into the strongman world with a performance in Coney Island - a place where freak shows, bearded ladies, and strongmen originated. He delivers a both humbling and inspiring performance that leaves viewers in "wonder" (pun intended). But we're not going to spoil it for ya. So if not for a glimpse into a lost art, or an uplifting story about an underdog, we can say Bending Steel gets nods from Sailor Jerry for telling the story of legacies being spread through generations. Get to a screening and see this kick ass film!


 Bending Steel Official Movie Trailer from Bending Steel Movie on Vimeo. 

Official Website 

Upcoming Screenings 





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