Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins the Poet

The Poet Norman Collins' flair for poetry came directly from his dramatic and romantic outlook on the world. A prolific letter writer, Collins would sometimes drop a short poem into his correspondence. Sailor Jerry would often recite his poems over the air on his radio show "Old Ironsides" on Hawaii's KTRG. The following is the opening stanza from his poem "To My Feminine Patients":

I raise my glass in a toast of love, to all of the countless girls,
Young ones, older ones, tiny ones, larger ones,
Lovely ones and some less lovely, the timid and shy ones, the brazen and bold ones,
Certainly all of them daring and courageous,
Who have shared momentary intimacies with me
In getting a personalized "Mini-o-graph" tattoo as an outward expression of some innermost personal feeling.

- Norman Collins

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