Hold Fast: Loncito Cartwright

By Daylen D on 5/3/2012

Loncito Cartwright is a sixth-generation Texan invested in keeping things natural. Twin Oaks Ranch was passed down from his father Lon who started tending cattle there for his uncle in 1939. Located in Dinero, TX, the farm now operates a sustainable business raising grass-fed swine and lamb. Most of the meat is eventually sold at local markets or to restaurants in Austin, one of the most progressive food cities in America. Cartwright thinks of himself as a shepherd to his precious herds which is more accurate that one would realize since lamb, unlike cattle, must be protected from the constant peril of local wildlife such as bobcats. So what makes his meat different? Cartwright's animals are allowed to graze their entire lives and never fattened up with grain or corn. But it's not about tree-hugging for Cartwright - he truly believes in changing how we think about food. He took a risk when he switched the ranch over from beef after so many generations. It has been a learning process regarding sustainable agriculture as well as understanding a new market and how to sell a pricier higher-quality product during otherwise rough economic times. However, Cartwright is happy with his decision and his lifestyle because the natural cycle of farm to table is what he believes in and because a healthier animal provides healthier meat. Period.


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